About me

Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva. My brend is Kovalevadoll.

I started making polymer clay dolls in 2016. But even at school I sculpted little angels from plasticine, and big snow maidens from snow, from snow I fashioned faces, braids, a hat, and it was so pitiful to see them melt!

I live in a little-known country of Kazakhstan, it is between China and Russia. This is a large country, but the art of the author’s doll is just emerging here.

in 2018 I began to cast my models in polyurethane and silicone. Now i am silicone baby doll artist. I made my silicone babies from platinum silicone.
I’m very happy when my dolls bring joy! I receive letters and photos of my tiny silicone dolls in their new homes. My small silicone baby dolls seem realistic to me and very cute!

I try to embody my childhood love for dolls in my sculptures. I also cast and paint dolls myself.

I am very happy to introduce you to my work. Each of my dolls has its own character, do not believe it, but the dolls themselves choose their own eye color, hair and clothes.